During this unpretentious time  of uncertainties, we have created an action plan to serve our existing customers and new ones that come to us. Please read the following headings  for information or call or email for any detailed information.

THE GOOD NEWS Residential / Commercial

We will continue to service customer properties while having no contact directly with customers. What this means for regular maintenance is we will set up your property via email or phone and service your regular ( Grass Mowing / Pruning / Yard Clean Ups / Tree Removals without any physical contact with customers onsite. Our work will always be bound by the government policies that are in place for any working companies. There maybe a possibility that all work is halted by government. If this happens we will be in communication with you on our plans for future service.

Major Landscape / commercial

Much of our major working plans on commercial developments can still be accomplished through detailed emails and our regular video chats. The work will commence as per government policies implemented and may occur at a slower pace depending on the measures at hand.  

Invoicing and payments

Invoicing will commence the same as previous years.

Payment can still be completed electronically through credit card or Direct Deposit or Mailing out of cheques .


Q. - I am not making an income and am unable to mow my lawn or take care of my garden. Will your company help with this?

A-  Yes! We believe in our community and will look at each case on an individual basis.

Q.- Do I have to make contact with the employees on their visit?

A.- No, We will insist that contact is via telephone email or video chat.

Q.- Is your company allowed to work during this crisis?

A.- We will always follow health and safety guidelines and the governments direction and policy as it relates to the events at hand. This is constantly changing and we will always notify you on any changes.

Q.- Can I contact you for a small question?

A.- Anytime, we are very responsive with a full time staff on all emails. By phone since we operate on only one number a message or telephone call could take 24 hours to respond to.

About Us

St.Albert, Sturgeon county & Morinville Alberta

We are a fully licensed, Insured Company  both  Commercially / Residentially.  Rooted in St.Albert, Sturgeon and Morinville ,AB . We are part of the community. 2 generations of St.Albert  & Morinville our family's have grown in the community's and are committed to the best landscapes locally.


Creating a new bedding garden

Our Family

We love landscaping and it shows!  Our beginnings started with lawn care and specialty lawn care services as our foundation, we do Mow a really great lawn :) Family members have botanical and horticulture education  which we feel helps in design and development.   We also have  professional  arborist(s) for large tree removals and large tree prunes.

 A family run company we have 11 years experience in the industry officially sharing our passion with others in 2012. We truly value local service and feel a sense of community as we are originally from St.Albert  and area.

Tree Removal

Our Services

Superior landscapes,  provides full service landscaping. As such our company only takes on a limited amount of work seasonally as we choose to remain small with BIG Quality. 

Garden design ,foliage resourcing, planting services or pick up and drop off for the DIY.

Gardening and weed control.

Tree supply, resourcing and planting, tree  pruning and disease identification.

Tree removal and clean up.

Stump Removal / Grinding.

Garden and lawn maintenance weekly / bi weekly  while home or away on vacation.

Shrub selection and planting.

 New Development Final Grades and sod installation.

Lawn Removals / re grade & Sod

Lawn repair, over seeding, sod replacement

Synthetic Lawns


Softscapes & Mulch / chips

Hardscapes patio pavers / retaining walls, paver repairs

Synthetic Lawns

Bubble Rocks / Fountains

Boulder Install / Engraving 

Skid Steer Services  

Picker Truck Services

Dump Truck Services

Eavestrough cleaning 

Pressure Washer  Services

Fall Clean ups

Winter Services 

Residential / commercial

Crs & Cce specialty Services

**** Good To Know**

New Sod


Superior Tree & Landscapes "Grow with us"


Q. How do I know I am hiring a professional.

A. Always if unsure,  ask for a business license and proof of insurance. Any reputable company should have a copy to show you. Ask for references or prior experience with your project.

All legitimate businesses will hold business coverage. 

Q. Why are there not prices on your website.

A. Unlike other company's with Superior, one size does not fit all. Each yard is unique and is priced competitively and estimates with us don't change unless the customer adds or deletes items after original estimate.

Q. How soon can you come out to estimate?

A. Some standard lawn maintenance can be estimated with our programs with no site visit the same day. Most landscaping projects or tree work is very specific and will require a site visit. We always try our very best to accommodate your requested date.  Arriving to your property to estimate typically within a few days. 

Q. Why choose us?

A. We have been in St.Albert since 1980! Growing up in the community we are passionate about St.Albert , sturgeon and Morinville. We have 11  years experience and 7 years now as a business!  Operating our own family company officially  since 2012. We are locally owned and operated since 2012.  We understand there are some great companies to choose from, always choose the company that listens has integrity , is professional and provides follow up. We Do!

Q. What makes your company great?

A. Accountability, Ethical Integrity, Professional , attention to detail, personalized service, and  follow up.


Contact Us :

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